Working persons to successful working parents

Parental leave transitions affect more than just working parents. In fact, the stress from navigating new life challenges isn’t just tiresome on mom and dad –– it’s also detrimental to child development.

By partnering with working parents’ employers, Inceptive supports families before, during, and beyond parental leave.

It’s our hope that with access to the right resources and experts, parents can thrive throughout the workday –– and then go home to provide the love, support, and attention their children need.

Our approach

When parents are overwhelmed, they turn to family, friends, or the internet for advice. And while there’s no shortage of opinions available, there’s little busy moms and dads can do to ensure they’re getting the best information possible.

Inceptive aims to make trustworthy resources more accessible for families by bringing research-backed tools to them, right at their place of work and home. We set up working parents for success by partnering with their employers to build an at-work support system that helps them and their children thrive.


Family-focused Support​

Supporting parents from the early stages of pregnancy through when their child is 5 years of age.
Inceptive covers a wide range of topics relevant to parents in this stage of life such as children’s health, early childhood development, and the physical and emotional health of parents.

Career-focused support

Extra support for parents at critical transition points from pregnancy through when their child is 1 year of age.
Inceptive covers a wide range of topics crucial for career-driven working parents, such as pumping at work, planning for career advancement, and sharing at-home duties with spouses.


Through our expert-led workshops, webinars and ongoing community support, we empower working parents to uncover ideal ways to remain productive and keep themselves in optimal health, without sacrificing what’s best for their child.

Expert-led onsite sessions

Entirely customizable onsite in-person workshops covering a wide range of topics

Expert-led online sessions

Live interactive webinars easily accessible from the comfort of your home or office

Learn, connect and grow

Get expert advice on virtually every topic from pre and postnatal health and child development to work-life balance and career planning, all from the comfort of your home or office.


Inceptive’s team of experts is carefully vetted through rigorous background checks, interviews, and peer and parent recommendations.

Trustworthy expertise ​

Inceptive's experts are highly trained and are at the top of their fields of specialty. Examples of credentials include Stanford, Harvard, UCSF and UC Hastings Law trained professionals.

Diverse range of specialties ​

Medical experts (pediatricians, OB/GYNs, psychiatrists, psychologists)

Allied health professionals (occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists)

Educators and researchers (Montessori trained teachers, early-childhood development specialists and researchers)

Legal experts (Human resources, rights/obligations and gender equity experts from UC Hastings)​

Judgement-free open forum

Our experts are available to answer questions big and small, whether they pertain to curiosities or a crisis.


Every parent wants the best for their child, but most of them aren’t experts and rely on their family, friends and (increasingly) the web for advice. Some of this advice, especially online, is irrelevant, biased or simply incorrect; and parents who are already strapped for time, find it challenging to access reliable, trustworthy resources.

Inceptive aims to solves this issue by curating authentic data from around the web, so you don’t have too! Access them on our instagram or sign up below for our monthly digest.


Learn from experts​

Let our experts guide you during one of the toughest journeys of your life through our workshops and webinars.

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