Making parental leave transitions easier

Inceptive partners with businesses to assist parents before, during, after parental leave and beyond.

Our experts enable parents and managers to find creative solutions and plan for leave transitions that benefit working parents, their children and employers.

We exist so that working moms and dads can promote their child’s development –– without forgetting their own personal and professional wellbeing.

How we help

Inceptive brings expert-led workshops and ongoing community support into the workplace. This focused, group-driven approach benefits working parents by creating a network of experts and peers that can support them as they strive to be stronger parents, better employees, and healthier individuals –– while helping their children reach their full potential, too.

We also empower managers and team members with proven tools so that they can confidently support working parents and manage teams with parents on leave better.


Ensure your teams have the resources to stay present and productive for your business


Become the parent you strive to be, without losing track of your career ambitions

Be a more inclusive workplace for parents

Inceptive is redefining how the workplace prepares and advocates for working parents. By making it easier for new parents to take on life before, during, and after parental leave, Inceptive helps businesses keep top talent, parents avoid burnout, and children reach their full potential.

Our program

Our program is designed to benefit both employees and employers by reducing stress, improving overall health, and promoting happiness for working parents and their children. Through expert-led workshops, online support, and personalized check-ins, we exist to better the lives of parents hard at work –– and their children.

Group sessions

Expert-led, onsite & virtual interactive workshops covering a wide variety of topics

Phone check-ins

Personalized, one-on-one emotional support that’s dialed in to parent needs

Online support​

Wherever, whenever online community that includes chats, newsletters, and peer groups

Impact your community, for the better

Inceptive’s model is set up in order make strides toward supporting working parents everywhere. In addition to working with businesses, Inceptive partners with public housing and community organizations to conduct free educational workshops for underserved families.

Get in touch to bring our resources to the community of your choice!

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