June 28, 2018

Here is the list of some of the best age-appropriate podcasts that you and your little kids might not be listening to yet. With lively narration and original songs, these podcasts can help turn chores and road trips into fun, educational experiences for the whole family.

Author: Frannie Ucciferri
Source: Common Sense Media
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June 14, 2018

Infants begin to learn words and what they mean well before they begin talking. They understand that the meanings of some words like car and stroller are more similar than others like car and juice.

This study reaffirms the importance of early parent-child interactions and treating your baby like a real conversational partner.

Author: Kara Manke
Source: Duke TODAY 
Estimated time to read: 04:00

study conducted by Jessica Phillips-Silver and Laurel Trainor at McMaster University in Canada found that simultaneous experience of listening and moving to a rhythm influences infant’s sensory development. 

Author: Daily News, McMaster University
Source: McMaster University
Estimated time to read: 02:22


This checklist presents the average age by which most babies accomplish a variety of early listening and communication skills. Parents and caregivers can use this checklist to track and discuss their child’s communication development with their child’s doctor.