October 26, 2018

A recent study by MIT researchers shows that piano lessons can help develop children’s language skills by improving their ability to differentiate between different pitches.  

Author: Anne Trafton
Source: MIT News Office 
Estimated time to read: 05:00

September 17, 2018

This short animation from TED-Ed, written by Anita Collins and animated by Sharon Colman Graham, explains why playing music benefits the brain more than any other activity and how it impacts executive function and memory.

Author: Anita Collins
Source: TED-Ed
Time to watch: 04:44

August 27, 2018

Children are first exposed to basic math concepts through music. Through beat, rhythm and melody, children learn about counting, sequencing and matching. Here are three musical elements that relate to math and some suggested activity ideas to try at home.

August 22, 2018

Children benefit from music lessons in several ways. But according to Harvard researchers improvement in intelligence is not of one the benefits.

Author: Peter Reuell
Source: The Harvard Gazette, Harvard University
Estimated time to read: 05:48
Time to watch: 03:25

July 5, 2018

Read Dr. Laurel Trainor’s interview about how babies respond to music even before they can talk. She also discusses the “Emotional baby” video clip, where an infant smiles tearfully while her mother sings a bittersweet song. 

Dr Trainor is the Director of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM) at McMaster University.

Author: Amanda Fiegl
Source: The National Geographic Blog – Human Journey 
Estimated time to read: 04:47

June 21, 2018

Two studies (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences and Developmental Science) conducted at McMaster University and a study conducted at Cambridge University suggest that teaching little kids to make music with others can reduce their distress, enhance the brain development and boost empathy.

Author: Maia Szalavitz
Source: Time Healthland
Estimated time to read: 04:11

May 14, 2018

Learn about what research says about parent-infant classes like baby sign language, music and infant massage. 

Author: Amy Bidgood
Source: The Conversation
Estimated time to read: 05:20

May 1, 2018

Learn about musical activities that support early communication and language development. This article also includes a video clip that demonstrates how a mother engages with her baby effectively through the singing games. 

Author: The National Literacy Trust
Source: The National Literacy Trust
Estimated time to read: 01:00
Time to watch: 03:13