October 22, 2018

Children are hardwired to look at faces of their parents and caregivers thousands of times each day. It gives them information about who they are, what they are worth, if they are loved, if they are a priority. This connection — eye contact and responsiveness create brains that are primed for security, confidence and optimism. 

August 1, 2018

Children can develop an anxiety disorder. Some amount of anxiety is normal. But if anxiety is too strong or happens frequently, it can compromise a child’s cognitive and social-emotional development.

Here are seven strategies for parents to avoid and three that are considered effective for managing children’s anxiety.

Author: Carol S. Lee
Estimated time to read: 06:50

June 11, 2018

It is helpful to communicate with little kids if they can name their emotions. Learn how to teach children about emotions using the “brain house analogy”

Author: Hazel Harrison
Source: Mindful
Estimated time to read: 08:24

May 14, 2018

Learn about what research says about parent-infant classes like baby sign language, music and infant massage. 

Author: Amy Bidgood
Source: The Conversation
Estimated time to read: 05:20