July 5, 2018

Read Dr. Laurel Trainor’s interview about how babies respond to music even before they can talk. She also discusses the “Emotional baby” video clip, where an infant smiles tearfully while her mother sings a bittersweet song. 

Dr Trainor is the Director of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM) at McMaster University.

Author: Amanda Fiegl
Source: The National Geographic Blog – Human Journey 
Estimated time to read: 04:47

study conducted by Jessica Phillips-Silver and Laurel Trainor at McMaster University in Canada found that simultaneous experience of listening and moving to a rhythm influences infant’s sensory development. 

Author: Daily News, McMaster University
Source: McMaster University
Estimated time to read: 02:22


This video first explains anatomy of the ear and how the sound waves travel from the ear to auditory area of the brain. Then it talks about the importance of the quality of sound during  early childhood in developing good hearing as well as the signs of common hearing problems. 

Author: Changing Brains
Source: Changing Brains
Time to watch: 07:55